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How long do I have to wait?

You will not wait more than 24 hours per photo.

If you submit a lot of images to edit, it may take a little longer.

The majority of orders will be delivered within the prescribed time limit, except for the following reasons:

1) The category of service was incorrectly ordered;

2) The editing instruction are insufficient, obscure or ambiguous;

3) The bid is out of our service range (will be cancelled and reimbursed).

What if I am not satisfied with your work?

If you are not satisfied with the first version of the edited photos, try asking for a free review. You are entitled to 3 alterations in the price. The editor of your order is a human being. He or she might have had an inaccurate understanding of your instructions at first. That’s why you’re entitled to two free revisions.

If you have tried several revisions and you think that your order will never be revised to your satisfaction, do not worry. Just send an email to to discuss it.

Will my photos be safe?

The privacy of our customers is our main concern from the first day we launched our photo editing site.

Currently, all photos are edited by our internal Retouchers only, and attempts to connect from outside the desktop are completely blocked. We do not share nor publish photos of our customers without their agreement.

How do I receive the pictures?

Once the job is done, an instant notification will be sent to you by email. Click on the link located in the email. You will be redirected to the order page where the edited photos are located. You will only have to download them by clicking on the “Download” button which is located below each photo. If you have any problem downloading the photos, you can leave us a message and we will send them to you with other alternative methods.

Who owns the rights of published photos?

Once the payment is complete, we deliver the  retouched photos to our customers. In other words, we do not claim any copyright on your images or on the derived retouched/edited images in your order. All intellectual property rights are yours, and you are responsible for the consequences of using these images in private or publicly.

Under what conditions do you reject my order?

Before starting to work on your order, one of our experienced retouchers will carefully evaluate your photos and instructions. If the instructions are going beyond our range of services or are exceeding the technical limit of the digital photo editing industry, we will cancel your order and provide a full refund as soon as possible.

Can I download the RAW files?

Yes, you can send your file in RAW format.  You will not be able to view them in your order but our retouchers will have access to your RAW file.

Do not worry, just continue to place the order and we will take care of everything.

Can you change the background of a photo?

Yes. Please order an platinum category at 50 euros and choose “compositing” for the change and overlay of the background.

For simple background elements, for example: Garden, turf, beach, room, wall, Street, Neons…, we will choose a background of our own image library, and you won’t need to pay for the background image.

Unfortunately, it happens that we don’t find a free appropriate background image for your order. In this case you will need to provide us with the background image, either from free online sources, ex: Unsplash , or from photo traders, ex: i istockphoto

What is a reference image?

A picture tells more than a thousand words. A reference image can help you better describe how you want your photos to change.

For example: If you want to change the color of your eyes with the color of the eyes in another photo, you must add the image in “reference photo” when ordering to make it a reference image. Then, in the additional instructions, you can write something like “make my eye color as in the reference photo”.

You do not need to pay anything for reference images.

Can't find your answer?

Do not hesitate to contact us  and we will help you as soon as possible.